About Me

Hello! I’m currently in my final year of undergraduate studies at McGill University, pursuing a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. My academic interests include stochastic processes, machine learning theory, and abstract algebra. Starting Summer 2021, I will be pursuing an MSc. in Computer Science at McGill.

Last summer, I had the pleasure of doing research in Markov chain theory applied to distributional reinforcement learning under the supervision of Prof. Prakash Panangaden. I also do work for the GeoThink Lab, where we’re looking at implementing various NLP techniques to extreme weather social media data in a project with Environment and Climate Change Canada.

On campus, I have gotten to work with some amazing people on the McGill Artificial Intelligence Society team and the Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students Council. I was also part of the 2019 AI4Good Summer Lab cohort.

Thanks for visiting! For a view of my venture into web design and React— as well as a reference to a great mathematics theorem— check out this other website.